Advantages of buying a flat from a new complex

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Advantages of buying a flat from a new complex

Advantages of buying a flat from a new complex

For those who want to buy real estate, although there are those who think it is the right way to choose new buildings for living and old buildings for investment, let's examine thoroughly whether it is the right information. In addition to being in a good position if the house to be bought is asked to carry rent and investment value, choosing new housing to both increases the rental return and increasing the value of the house in each passing year will make a profit in the long run. In addition to the maintenance and repair costs of old houses, if they enter urban transformation, extra costs arise due to both the payment of the loan and the payment to the building contractor.

1) Earthquake resistant

For those who want to own a home, the fact that the building is new and earthquake-resistant is one of the reasons for the priority preference. New housing projects and newly constructed buildings are constructed in accordance with earthquake regulations with expert assistance. This, in turn, causes those who buy new homes to prefer new housing.

2) An apartment that no one has ever lived in before

Some home buyers want to be the first to live in their new home they will buy. These home buyers see buying a home from new housing as an advantage.

3) High property value

The value of a property depends on its location, views, large windows, luxurious bathrooms, proximity to social spaces and public transport. At the same time, apartments purchased in a young building with an age of 0-5 also have a high real estate value for reasons such as security, compliance with earthquake regulations.

4) Offers new living space

Newly built housing projects offer many facilities and social areas such as sports, entertainment, pool, playground areas, and security. However, it offers a comfortable life to its owners as it has many features, from the elevator to the private parking area.

5) No extra cost

While the cost of maintaining and repairing old homes is a problem, new homes have no extra spending.

6) High rental income

The new and well-maintained house you buy, increase the return on rent, as well as its proximity to hospitals, educational centers, supermarkets, transportation facilities, and social areas also increases the return on rent of housing.

7) To be built with the most modern architecture

Newly built dwellings inspire great ideas for decoration with trendy top-trend architecture.


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