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European property buyers can get bank financing in Turkey. We would be happy to help you draw up your financing plan and advise you in detail. Simply contact us via our chat or visit us directly in the office.

Whether as a profitable investment or retirement provision - real estate in Turkey is a valuable capital investment with a very good return. Let yourself be surprised by the many advantages of Turkey and buy, for example, an apartment in Alanya, Side, Belek or Antalya - a very worthwhile investment.

On a four-day real estate trip with FLR Real Estate & Investment, you will get to know the properties you have chosen yourself and your future country of residence. You will also learn everything about the process of buying a property in Turkey. 

The additional costs that you will have to face when buying a property in Turkey:

1. Power of attorney at the notary: If you give a trusted person power of attorney to purchase Real Estate, you have to reckon with around 100 Euros.

2. Tax: The Real Estate transfer Tax including administration Fee and contribution to the State Education System is currently 4%; based on the registered Property value at the Tapu Office. The amount declared in the Tapu office is lower than the real purchase price and is roughly between 2.000 and 5.000 euros, depending on the land / apartment size / villa, etc.

3. Housing: This is the Name of the completion Report for newly built Properties. The cost is up to 300 Euros; Depending on the Size and Location. All buildings and Real Estate require ISKAN in order to be able to apply for electricity and water.

4. Additional Charges: Electricity Subscription: New connection of an electricity meter: One-time approx 100 Euros. Water Subscription: New connection of a water meter: approx 60 Euros. 


Tax: Property tax (Emlak Vergisi) about 0.01% of the property value, set by the local municipality, payable annually until the end of the year.

Electricity: Energy costs per kWh: about. 0.131 Euros (including taxes).

Water: Water costs per m3: about 0.88 Euros (including taxes).

Telefon: You can register a landline telephone if you have your residence permit (Ikamet) in Turkey and choose your telephone tariff yourself.





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